Spaceship-themed Pittsburgh home $199,000
Jan 28, 2023
Spaceship-themed Pittsburgh home $199,000 New York
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Abstract: An eclectic Pittsburgh home has once again hit the market, and its wild design is already causing quite a stir on social media.

At first glance, the 1,475 square foot brick home looks like an ordinary abode, but its interior tells a different story.


When you walk in the front door it appears to be a ranch style home, but the previous owners cut the floor out and lowered it to basement level so it is completely open.


In addition to the current open floor plan, the home's unique design includes a dining room that resembles a spaceship command centre - with a pocket door to the kitchen.


Need access to the laundry area and workshop?


Just open the hatch and you're good to go!


Built in 1969, this three-bedroom home is listed at a reasonable price of $199,000.


A sunken living room has a built-in cabinet, tall oak beams, hardwood floors and a brick fireplace.


A spiral staircase gives easy access to both levels of the house.


To the left of the fireplace, a wooden staircase leads to a raised library.


The living area on the main floor also displays a floor-to-ceiling mural with a spatial theme.


The current owners purchased the home in 2020 for $152,500 and have done some renovations - repainting and flooring, plus a new roof.


There is an above ground pool in the backyard that needs a new liner and some other updates.


With a little TLC, this space could be transformed into a private oasis.


Over the past few years, the homeowners have made a few tweaks here and there.


While they agree with the outer space vibe of the home, they clearly have a different take on this tropical-themed room.


The bedroom was originally designed as a hut filled with sand. The current owners took out the sand but kept the cabin-style bed. There is also a jungle-themed bathroom, which is now in a more traditional style.


So, who would want a flat with an over-the-top design?


As it happens, houses with a theme are very popular for short-term rentals.


It's such a unique house that it would make a great Airbnb, or it could be for a young couple, an investor, or the right family who likes the style.


The mellow setting in the suburbs of Pittsburgh is also an attractive benefit.

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Spaceship-themed Pittsburgh home $199,000