Giant mansions start at $20 million asking price
Dec 26, 2022
Giant mansions start at $20 million asking price New York
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Abstract: The Amarvelous mansion in Southlake, Texas is so big and so much more, it even caught the eye of Tracy Tutor from Bravo's 'LA Million Dollar Listing'.

Listed with Breah Brown, the 31,234 square foot property built in 2016 and located in a Dallas suburb. Both are with Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

The eight-bedroom home is listed for $1,995,000 and sits on three acres. Symmetry and excessive entertaining are the standout elements of this spectacular range.

Tutt notes that the home stands out even when compared to the luxury homes in Los Angeles.

"There are a lot of houses in Los Angeles where you walk in and you see amazing elements like this. But for its size and the road that drives up to it, it's quite stunning," she explains.

There are two guest flats on either side of the driveway and garage parking for nine cars.

The top two floors of the house are the main living and dining areas, including a chef's kitchen and bedrooms.

You walk in and see the backyard, the feeling you get when you first experience a home and you're waiting for that moment.

As you walk through the door, the two-storey entrance, the immense scale and the light that floods the area takes your breath away.

The master bedroom boasts a spectacular high ceiling and a huge closet.

Anyone who loves clothes will lose their mind as you simply won't run out of space there.

The bottom floor is all the fun with a baseball field, basketball court, bowling alley, golf simulator, home cinema and bar. There's even a glass trampoline, which gets Tutt's seal of approval.

"When I first went there and we walked by, I said, 'You've got to let me jump on that thing,'" she says with a laugh, adding that it didn't live up to her high expectations.

The bottom level leads to a huge swimming pool and turfed backyard, which Tutor says can accommodate hundreds of people for events.

It almost feels like a hotel because it really is like three swimming pools. You've got this incredible bridge they've built and there's a waterfall running down both sides.

To top it all off, there is a waterslide hidden in a tower by one of the pools.

Aesthetically it is delightful as you climb up the tower and then slide down the slide, making the pool look absolutely spectacular.

Tutor points out that, despite its size, the home is also livable. And, thanks to the perfect balance of fun (very fun) and function, it's a space that adults and children alike will enjoy.

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Giant mansions start at $20 million asking price