The $4 Million Long Island Building
Dec 7, 2022
New York
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Abstract: Industrial-style loft spaces are often associated with big-city living.

A suburban house in North Woodmere, N.Y., listed for $3,999,000, has a surprise inside.


The interior of this Long Island home was designed to look like an urban loft.


A 2010 kitchen remodel turned into a whole-house renovation transformed the home from spongy walls to exposed ductwork and gleaming granite floors.


The flooring alone inspired the redesign of this six-bedroom, five-bathroom space.


The result is a colorful mix of styles.


The remodel also included the addition of an extra floor to create a dramatic master suite.


Outside, the home has plenty of curb appeal and the backyard boasts a patio and pool.


It stands out as you drive by on that street.


It's fun to watch people open the front door and find all the metal and granite waiting for them.


Everyone appreciates it for what it is, and they want to see more.


Everyone wants to tour the house.


They just couldn't get the details out of their minds.


Details include the corrugated metal on the ceiling, the exposed ductwork and the mix of colors.