How to Identify Communities
Oct 5, 2022
New York
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Abstract: Whether you are renting or independent, it is important to buy a home with a doctrinaire community of choice.

A high-quality community not only has advantages in terms of environment and location, but also provides us with many conveniences in the future to make life more comfortable and safe.

In the U.S., many houses have community management associations, whose members are generally elected by property owners in the subdivision and have a strong presence.

Important matters, including the selection of property companies, the development of relevant codes of conduct, the raising and construction of public facilities, etc., are decided by them, and they even employ special security guards and patrols to ensure the safety of residents. It is not only directly representative of the community, but also in the interest of the residents.

Therefore, a community with an HOA is a prerequisite for a quality community in the U.S. and a preferred choice for investors.

In the U.S., there is a huge difference between different levels of communities. In addition to whether we have an HOA or not, we can determine and differentiate by the following points.


Quality communities tend to invest more in common areas and the environment with lower population density and floor area ratio, while poor quality communities generally have dense housing and do not focus on the community environment.

In good communities, residents prefer to take care of their yards, and many even hire temporary workers to help mow their lawns and clean their pools, and everyone follows the rules to keep each other in check.

If someone doesn't take care of their yard properly, they risk being voted out of office.

Poor communities, with poor residents as a whole, do not manage their own environment well, let alone the overall environment.


Quality communities invest heavily in security, such as installing cameras, hiring security guards, etc. In addition, because of the low volume ratio, residents are more familiar with each other.

If a stranger walks into the neighborhood, the neighbor who sees him will call to alert or just call the police.

Poor neighborhoods are mostly in old and chaotic places with dense population, high mobility and weak security facilities.

School Districts

All basic education in the United States is located in the neighborhood. In contrast, the neighborhoods where good schools are located are basically high quality neighborhoods where teaching and educational resources will be much better, which is unmatched by poor neighborhoods.

It is easy to see that high quality neighborhoods are worth more.

Whether you want to invest in long term rentals, short term rentals or buy a home to live in, a high quality neighborhood is essential.

Not only is it better for renting and earning you more income, but it also improves the quality of life for owner-occupants.